Get The Pepperoni Shooter

Are your customers tired of bagged pepperoni that tastes just like any other pizza? Are your employees tired of greasy hands and spending too much time putting pepperoni on pizzas? Don't worry, EZ Topping Systems is here to help! Our Pepperoni Shooter can save you time, money, and resources by providing freshly sliced pepperoni in just 12 seconds. Insert your pepperoni sticks into the machine's cutter, choose your cutter speeds, turntable speed, and timer. Hit start and then sit back and watch the machine do your work for you! The Pepperoni Shooter will increase your process speed, help meet peak hour demands, offers hands-free application, keeps your pepperoni cold for hours using ice and the machine's insulation, and most importantly, gives your pizzas a leg up against the competition by providing fresh, crispy pepperoni that your customers are guaranteed to love! Contact us today to discuss what you can do for your customers, and what we can do for you! 

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