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Pepperoni Slice

Benefits Of The Ez Toppings Pepperoni Slicer

The newest innovation in pizza making has arrived and we’re taking everyone’s favorite topping to the next level! We see the national chains investing to adopt our technology, but we've worked hard to develop and bring it to individual or smaller chain shops, at a price in line with other standard kitchen equipment.

The Ez Toppings Pepperoni Slicer can play a vital role in your business giving you a competitive edge.

Increased Efficiency
Automating your kitchen processes will help you create efficiencies in production and increase your bottom line margins. The Ez Toppings Pepperoni Slicer allows for a hands free application, speeding up production and helping you to meet peak hour demands. 

Adjustable settings like portions control, cutting speed, turntable speed and run time takes the guess work out of the finished product! 

Increased Quality

We know that customers are seeking fresh ingredients more than ever and we've worked hard to combine the needs of our customers with quality and efficiency. Our pepperoni slicer takes toppings to new heights by providing a better taste, in line with gourmet and artisanal pizzas, and your customers will definitely take notice! 

Positive Guest Experience

Your consumers are seeking an experience when they visit your restaurant. Freshly sliced pepperoni and other toppings allow you to provide specialty pies that deliver on flavor and quality, showing your customers that they're not dining at an average pizzeria! 

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