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Pepperoni Pizza

Features of the EZ Toppings Pepperoni Slicer

The increasing use of technology is having a tremendous effect on the pizzeria industry and the EZ Toppings Pepperoni Slicer can play a vital role in your business giving you a competitive edge. 

  • The stainless steel construction ensures that your slicer is sturdy and built to last.

  • The ergonomic design fits standard countertops with an approximately 2 foot square footprint, so it's easy to find space for it within you commercial kitchen. 

  • Designed to be low maintenance, with easy operation and cleaning procedures provided. 

CONTROL PANEL_edited_edited.jpg

EZ Controls

We've spent years developing, designing and producing the EZ Toppings Pepperoni slicer with built in controls so that you can customize to your shop! 

  • Adjustable Portions Control

  • Variable Cutting Speed

  • Variable Turntable Speed

  • Variable Run Time

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